Help For Problem Gamblers.

Getting help is your best bet.

With more gaming choices than ever, Kansans today are gambling in record numbers. Many players are able to play within their limits, but some lose control. For them, what starts out as fun and exciting can lead to dangerous consequences. There are a number of different reasons people become problem gamblers, but most share one trait in common: a desperate loss of hope.

When hope is gone, the game is no longer about the thrill of winning, but instead about chasing the loss. Problem gamblers jeopardize everything important in their lives – including their family, friends, job and finances. Drastic measures like stealing are considered, or even worse, suicide.

But you and your loved ones can get help. The state of Kansas provides treatment and other resources at no cost to the problem gambler, family members, and concerned others who reside in Kansas.

Problem Gambling Brochure (Spanish) (Vietnamese)

Problem Gambling and Military

Problem Gambling and Youth

Problem Gambling and College Students

Problem Gambling and Older Adults



Treatment is provided at no cost to problem gamblers, family members and concerned others who reside in Kansas.

El estado ofrece ayuda a personas sufriendo con problemas de apuestas en Kansas.